Staddle Stone Legacy – Reclaimed English Oak Wine Rack

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Bottles – 12

Circa – 1600

Height –

Depth – 20.5cm

Width – 35.5cm

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Staddle Stone Legacy

The Staddle Stone Legacy is made from an upright timber. This reclaimed English oak timber once formed the structure of an ancient staddle stone barn. The barn dated back to around 1600. The building itself was located on Manor Farm in Hampstead Norreys. The village lies just north of Newbury off a tributary of the river Pang.

Hampstead Norreys has a rich history stretching back well before its’ noting in the Doomsday book. First listed as Hanstede (meaning farm settlement) in 1086 within the Doomsday book.

Within the estate there were many staddle stone barns that were used for the storage of grain. These easily recognisable barns are lifted off the ground by seating the timber frame on top of stone struts that resemble mushrooms. The purpose of these unique barns was to limit vermin devouring the harvest.

Of the orginal barns some became derelict beyond repair. One was fully refurnished and the other was taken down. Sticks & Stone were able to obtain the timbers from this barn.


The Staddle Stone Legacy is a magnificent wine rack & is a testament to its previous life. Standing tall & able to hold 12 bottles of wine, this piece is a real feature.



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