Royal Dockyard – Reclaimed Teak

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Bottles – 16

Timber – Reclaimed Teak

Circa – 1900

Height – 147.5cm

Depth – 30.5cm

Width – 35.5cm

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Royal Dockyard

The Royal Dockyard wine rack has been made from a batch of reclaimed teak timbers. Rescued by Sticks & Stone the timbers previously were a part of the Royal Naval Dockyard in Portsmouth. These timbers date back to the late 19th century.

Shipbuilding required oversized timbers to be used as chocks & these huge sections of elm were perfect for the job! During the time that ships were being built or repaired the timber chocks were positioned around the hulls to hold them in place. The piece of timber used to create this wine rack was an original chock.

Years of hard use, combined with numerous immersion into the water have given these timbers a truly unique appearance & surface colourings. The dockyard formed part of the much larger Royal Naval base which for 500 years was a key asset of the Royal Navy, producing countless fighting vessels.

Production was scaled down & over time the site became the centre of British Naval Heritage charities. A change of use for the site meant that items were sold off to make room for new buildings. We were able to obtain a number of disused building chocks.

The Royal Dockyard wine rack features a reclaimed metal pulley date stamped 1878. This magnificent piece is bursting with history. Full of heritage & character the Royal Dockyard can hold 16 bottles of wine.




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