Ludlow Cellar -Reclaimed English Oak Wine Rack

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Bottles – 9

Timber – Reclaimed English Oak

Circa – 1750

Height – 80cm

Depth – 24.5cm

Width – 29.5cm

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Ludlow Cellar

The Ludlow Cellar is made from a section of reclaimed English oak once forming a large house. The house in Ludlow  was built circa 1575 – 1600. Sometime in the 20th Century the house fell into disrepair to the extent that it was beyond saving. In 1998 the council ordered the house to be pulled down due to it being unsafe.

Due to the importance of the building all of the timbers were salvaged for potential reuse. They were held with a local reclamation firm in Redditch and Sticks & Stone were able to rescue them from there.

Ludlow’s recorded history begins in 1086 when the impressive castle was first developed, as one of a line of castles along the Welsh Marches to defend the border and subdue the local Anglo Saxon population. The local Norman overlords, the De Lacy family, who decided to situate Ludlow Castle here also decided to develop a new settlement.

Dating from the late 16th century the Ludlow Cellar is full of history. Due to the age of this timber the seasoning lines have given this piece a truly unique surface with a dark oak colouring to match.  The hand cut notches on the beam & overall shape made it clear that the beam had been used as a mainstay timber within the house.

This beam has been carefully brought back to life in such a way to showcase its’ original features. The original hand cut mortices make this wine rack a truly stunning piece. Fitted with two feature reclaimed metal straps.

The Ludlow Cellar is a piece full of heritage. Dating back to 1575 – 1600 this unique wine rack survives as a testament to beauty of reclaimed timbers.