Y Ddraig Aur – The Golden Dragon – Reclaimed English Elm Wine Rack



Bottles – 6

Timber – Reclaimed English Elm

Circa – 1775-1800

Height – 117cm

Depth – 24cm

Width – 13cm

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Y Ddraig Aur – The Golden Dragon

The Golden Dragon is handmade from a section of reclaimed English oak. The timber once formed part of the building structure of a large farmhouse just outside Welshpool. Situated on the low lying banks of the river Severn the farm was 4 miles form the English border. Predominantly farming sheep & cattle eventually this smaller farm was swallowed up by larger scale farming.

The old farmhouse & agricultural buildings were remodelled leaving the original timbers to be rescued by Sticks & Stone. This beam was taken out of the original farmhouse during renovations. The wine rack dates back to 1775-1800.

Carefully brought back to life to showcase the original features. This piece is fitted with a reclaimed iron pin can hold 6 bottles of wine.