The Arden 8 – Reclaimed English Oak Wine Rack

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Bottles – 8

Timber – Reclaimed English Oak

Circa – 1750

Height – 117cm

Depth – 20.5cm

Width – 19cm

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The Arden 8

The Arden 8 has been handmade from a reclaimed piece of English oak. The timber used to make the Arden 8 was rescued from an old English farmhouse. This English oak beam once formed a part of the original building structure of this large farmhouse in Tanworth In Arden.

Tanworth In Arden is a village on the outskirts of Birmingham. Over time commuters wanted green fields therefore these villages became more popular. With the increase in more opulent houses being built many older buildings were demolished or extended to make larger family homes.

After many years of agricultural success as an arable & live stock farm the decision was made to sell off the land. Once all the land had been sold so was the farmhouse. The house itself was completely remodelled & extended. It became lavish accommodation for it’s new owners. Luckily we were able to obtain the original beams that were not used in the renovation. Sticks & Stone have brought them back to life as character filled wine racks.

The Arden 8 features original hand cut slot mortises & amazing surface texture. Dating back to 1750 the Arden 8 has real depth & variety in it’s colour. The Arden 8 as it’s name suggests can hold 8 bottles of your favourite wine.