Nine Daffodils -Reclaimed English Elm Wine Rack



Bottles – 9

Timber – Reclaimed English Elm

Circa – 1870

Height – 90cm

Depth – 23cm

Width – 28cm

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Nine Daffodils

Nine Daffodils handmade from a substantial reclaimed English Elm beam. Rescued by Sticks & Stone from a barn in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire. This traditional long barn was a part of Pitt Farm with origins dating from the early to mid 18th century.

Dating from 1870 the Nine Daffodils is a historic piece. Many of the timbers from the main farm house were removed due to renovation & reused in agricultural buildings. The hand cut notches on the beam & overall shape made it clear that this beam had been used as a mainstay timber within the farmhouse before being used as a floor brace in the barn.

Pitt Farm approximately 6 miles south of Ledbury, famous for its’ wild daffodils in spring. We have aptly named this wine rack after this.

Handmade in such a way to showcase the original hand cut mortices, Nine Daffodils is a unique piece. Naturally golden in colour this piece can hold up to 9 bottles of your favourite wine.

The Nine Daffodils is a characterful piece full of heritage. Elm has such a unique surface texture due to the centuries of insect infestation. Now fully treated & restored this beam is a testament to reclaimed timbers.