Dockyard Legacy -Reclaimed English Oak Wine Rack

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Bottles – 12

Timber – Reclaimed English Oak

Circa – 1900

Height – 135cm

Depth – 30.5cm

Width – 40.5cm

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Dockyard Legacy

Dockyard Legacy has been made from a batch of reclaimed English oak timbers. Rescued by Sticks & Stone the timbers previously were a part of Chatham Dockyard in Kent. This historic dockyard was closed in 1984 & has been subject to renovation since then.  The piece of timber used to create this wine rack once formed a part of the original dockyard buildings.

The Royal Dockyard at Chatham closed in 1984. This brought an end to the 400 years of fleet support and warship design, building and repair on the River Medway. Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust was established & was tasked with the stewardship of the dockyard.

The Historic Dockyard is the most complete dockyard of the age of sail in the world. There has been a continuous process of investment since 1984. The majority of the dilapidated buildings & infrastructure have been renovated so they are safe to be used once more. The removal of timbers from these buildings meant that we were able to rescue them, turning them into fantastic peices of furniture.

Chatham Dockyard depicts all elements of the age of sail, ship-building process from ship design through the preparation and working of timber and iron, the manufacture of rope, sails, flags, paints, rolled lead and galvanised iron, to ship construction, repair and refit on the slips and in the dry docks. The Dockyard Legacy replicates these aspects through the character in the timber & the addition of refurbished metal work.

The Dockyard Legacy is as it’s name states a testament to the legacy of Chatham docks. This wine rack is full of heritage & character. This piece is not only full of history but can also hold 12 bottles of wine & features a refurbished metal chain.